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Spain is the second-largest country in Europe, and has been producing wine since about 1000 B.C. It is the third-largest wine producer in the world, growing more vines than any other country in Europe; but because of its mainly dry climate, and the fact that irrigation is largely illegal, Spain produces less wine than either Italy or France. What makes Spain such a wonderful place for wines is the sheer variety: each of the many viticultural regions has its own unique personality.

We supply a carefully chosen selection of wines, which reflect the best that Spain has to offer.

Click on the name of a wine to view its label and tasting notes (if available).

  Guadalajara sierra de Ayllon | Rioja | Tzakolina

 Guadalajara sierra de Ayllon

Finca Rio negra The Black River

Wine Producer Vintage Order Code
Finca Rio Negra Gewurztraminer Finca Rio Negra 2014 FRN02
Finca Rio Negra Tinto Finca Rio Negra 2010 FRN01

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Wine Producer Vintage Order Code
Alzate Graciano Alzate 2011 AG002
Alzate Tempranillo Alzate 2012 AT 001
Chobeo de Pecina Tinto Bodegas Hermanos Pecina 2007 CDP001
Senorio de Pecina Chobeo Blanco Bodegas Hermanos Pecina 2010 SDP03
Senorio de Pecina Crianza Bodegas Hermanos Pecina 2011 SDP01
Osoti Crianza Bodegas Osoti 2013 BO 02
Osoti TempranilloBlanco Bodegas Osoti 2014 BO1
Rioja Rosado Senorio De P.Pecina 2015 SDP08

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Wine Producer Vintage Order Code
Hiruzta Tzakolina Hiruzta 2014 HIR01

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"What is life to one who is without wine? It has been created to make people happy. Wine drunk at the proper time and in moderation is rejoicing of the heart and gladness of the soul."

Ecclesiasticus 31, v. 27-28

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