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Named from a Latin word meaning "to dissolve," liqueurs were made in Italy as early as the thirteenth century, and have developed from medieval herbal medicines. Many of these were prepared in monasteries, and these origins survive in names such as Chartreuse and Benedictine.

Most liqueurs do not spend a long time maturing, but they may be rested during production to allow their various flavours to blend. Nearly all liqueurs are sweet, with a highly concentrated dessert flavour.

We supply apple, almond, blackcurrant, coffee, passion fruit and peach liqueurs from Germany, and mandarin liqueur Armagnac from France.

Click on the name of a wine to view its label and tasting notes (if available).

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Liqueur Producer Order Code
Lou Floret Manadarin Liqueur Mandarin Louis Carrere LF001

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Liqueur Producer Order Code
Amatunda Passion fruit Liqueur Amatunda AMA01
Baum Sekt - Mild - Sparkling Baum SEK01
Baum Sekt - Trocken Baum SEKW01
Baum Sekt - Trocken Baum SEKW01
BaumSekt- Reisling Trocken Sparkling Black/Gold Baum SEKGo1
Carl Finkeneauer Hinkelstein Riesling Auslese Carl Finkenauer KF001
Cabernet Sauvignon Trocken Carl Finkenauer CF02
Carl Finkenauer Gutental Riesling Spatlese Carl Finkenauer KG01
Weissburgunder QBA Trocken Carl Finkenauer WT01
Weinbrand 0.5 litre Germany Wein01
Winzerkaffe Coffee liqueur 50cl Germany WINz01
Dixired- Peach liqueur 50cl Konigschfhausen DIX001
Gold Parmeane Apple/schnapps 50cl Konigschfhausen GP001
Kreuznacher Rosenburg QMP Kabinet - Scheurebe Weingut Emrich Montigny KR002
Sekt Cuvee Weiss Mild Weingut Emrich Montigny SEKC01
Sekt Reisling Trocken - Gold/Black Weingut Emrich Montigny SEKG01
Sekt Trocken Weingut Emrich Montigny SEKW01
Sekt Trocken Weingut Emrich Montigny SEKW01
Winzenheimer Rosenheck Gerwurtztraminer Auslese Winzenheimer Nahe WR01

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Liqueur Producer Order Code
Fior De Latte White Chocolate grappa 50cl Italian FDL01

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"What is life to one who is without wine? It has been created to make people happy. Wine drunk at the proper time and in moderation is rejoicing of the heart and gladness of the soul."

Ecclesiasticus 31, v. 27-28

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