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Though often underrated because of its cheap medium-sweet wines, Germany is a country with a great deal more to offer, from the classic Reislings of the Mösel to the luscious dessert wines of the Rheinpfalz, the drier white wines of Franconia and lovely light reds that are seldom seen outside the country. Germany's winemakers produce wines of sublime concentration, elegance and finish.

We offer finely balanced, clean, fresh wines from Trocken (dry), Halb-Trocken (half dry) through to late-harvest, which are selected from individual vineyards and estates. We can also supply the lesser-known Rotwein (Red wine) and Weißherbst Rosés and Sekt.

Click on the name of a wine to view its label and tasting notes (if available).

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Wine Producer Vintage Order Code
Detzeimer Maximer Klosterlay Kabinet Reisling Rauen 2012 DMK03
Detzeimer wurtzgarten ( Rose) QBA Rauen 2013 DW02
Detzeimer Wurzgarten Reisling QBA Rauen 2013 Dw03
Detzeimer Wurzgarten Reisling Trocken Rauen 2013 DW03
Kirchenberg ' Alte Reben ' Reisling Auslese Rauen 2013 DMK04
Thornicher Ritsch ' Alte Reben ' Old Vines Reisling Spatlese Rauen 2013 TR001

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Wine Producer Vintage Order Code
Dornfelder Rose Carl Finkenauer 2013 DOR03
Kreuznacher Kauzenberg QMP (Red wine) spatlese Carl Finkenauer 2012 KK002
Dornfelder 'Charman' Emrich Montigny 2013 DOR02
Kreuznacher Dornfelder QBA ( red wine ) weingut Emrich Montigny 2011 Dor02
Kreuznacher Forst weingut Emrich Montigny 2011 KF002
Kreuznacher Reisling weingut Emrich Montigny 2011 KR001

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Wine Producer Vintage Order Code
Joachim Reiss Rheingau Riesling Joachim Reiss 2009 JR01

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Wine Producer Vintage Order Code
Dienheimer siliusbrunnen QBA Dornfelder Bieglar Muellar 2011 DOR01
Dolgsheimer Kreuzberg Weiss Weissburgunder Bieglar Muellar 2012 DS97
Dolgsheimer Schutzenhutte Kerner Spatlese Bieglar Muellar 2011 DS04
Dolgsheimer schutzenhutte Merlot ( Rose) Bieglar Muellar 2013 DS09
Dolgsheimer Schutzenhutte Spatburgunder Bieglar Muellar 2011 DS09
DolgsheimerScutzenhutte Ortega Beerenauslese 0.375cl Bieglar Muellar 2009 DS06
Niersteiner Patenberg QBA Spatburgunder Bieglar Muellar 2011 NP01
Kreuznacker Kauzenberg QMP Spatlese Carl Finkenauer 2012 KK02

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Wine Producer Vintage Order Code
Ortega Beerenauslese Bieglar Muellar 2009 DS06
Dolgsheimer Schutzenhutte Dornfelder Bieglar Muellar 2012 DS02
Hambacher Schlossberg Gerwutztraminer Naegele 2012 HS002

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