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Argentina is the world's fifth largest wine producer, yet the cream of its produce is seldom experienced outside its borders. Often Argentinian producers suffer from the bad reputation earned by the poor-quality 'value' wines that are purchased in bulk by international importers, but the country's vineyards have much more to offer.

We supply a range of fine Argentinian wines from Marta's Vineyard, whose wines are drawn from some of Argentina's best and longest established vineyards. These wines come from a range of sub-regions in the South American Andes, where the purity of the natural water supply and absence of pollution make for excellent growing conditions.

Marta's Vineyard is a family business, set up with the intention of introducing the world to Argentina's best wines. Our Argentinian collection is composed entirely of single-grape wines, made from hand-picked fruit and aged in French oak barrels.

Click on the name of a wine to view its label and tasting notes (if available).

  Agrelo Valley Mendoza | Mendoza

 Agrelo Valley Mendoza

the Vines for this wine were planted in 1910

Wine Producer Vintage Order Code
Antracita Malbec Ice Wine Belasco De Baquedano 2010 ANT01
Llama 'Old Vine ' Malbec Belasco De Baquedano 2013 LLA01

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